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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trade Beads are Beautifully Handmade

Just sharing with you some interesting pictures (hopefully) of trade beads from Africa.

From Tibetian to Venetian, these glass beads are lovely to behold and can be bought with minimal investment.  I found some of mine at Bead and Gemstone shows- most of the ones shown here were purchased through a fair trade agreement that provides the tribal bead makers a fair payment for their wares.   This is a grand reason to purchase them and another is that beautiful artisan jewelry can be made with your fair purchase! 

The range of cost can run from $10.00 a strand to over hundreds for one ancient collectible bead.   Some of my collection are ancient beads that have fascinating histories and many are simply beautiful handmade. 

Here are a collection of African Krobo's and Venetian chevrons, gooseberries and white hearts that I photographed for fun: