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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bracelets are Fun to wear, who loves Bracelets? I love Bracelets

One of the things I love to make is a beaded bracelet.  I love to wear beaded bracelets as well.
My very first one which started my interest in them, was made of Italian millefiori glass beads.  I wore it every day, never and never took it off.  It was my "signature" to me, and I felt naked without it.

After about 4 years, a link broke.  I hadn't yet started making jewelry myself, so the pieces were sadly placed in a little box in my big jewelry box. It was like a funeral of sorts. And so my "signature" was  forgotten for many years.

One of the first things that I taught myself when I decided to start making jewelry was to learn how to make sterling wire loops and voila, I could make my own bracelets!

My tastes in bracelets has run the gamut of millefiori, vintage beads, lampwork beads and gemstone beads and once again, I have gone back to my "signature" of wearing a beaded bracelet.  Now I have many choices.  I also wear every braclelet that I make to sell for at least one day, to be sure that it works, is comfortable, and does all the things I love about a bracelet on the wearer.

You wouldn't think there would be much to making a bracelet but to make a good bracelet certain considerations are needed.  It must be soundly linked, and have a very good clasp.  And it is really good to consider adjustability in sizing to sell them.

Some people like to wear a bracelet high on the wrist, or low on the wrist, or hanging on the hand, which is my choice!  This is something I have incorporated into all my newer ones.  Let alone choosing good colors for skin tone, interesting composition, extra dangles, charms handmade, and so on.  Those last few things are probably particular to me because I like to make one of a kind jewelry.

After all that discussion I think it only fair to share a sampling of my favorites!

Monday, May 24, 2010

iKnitQuiltSew Featured Artist in Handmade Artists Forum for May 22 through May 29


Teddy Bears
Art all Sewn
Oh Teddy Bear
A Dolly

And many more things by this talented Artist.  The best way to learn is at Grandmama's knee, surely all of these lovelies have a tough of her in them!

I truly hope that fine needlework, knitting and yarn work will not be a lost art, and I don't think it will.  There so many of us out there that can't do it to admire those that do.  There are some wonderful and diverse knit, quilt and sew available at 
http://www.etsy.com/shop/iKnitQuiltSew and this is a shop well worth visiting.  

I love a Teddy Bear

Sunday, May 16, 2010

twiddletoes: tabi socks and luxury footwear featured Handmade Artists Forum May 15th through 22nd

twiddletoes was created about six years ago after cringing over people shoving their flipflops on over their regular socks. I started off knitting them for the biggest offenders in my life -- my dad and my husband -- but quickly expanded when I realized that there was quite a bit of interest in my tabi. From there, I took my wares to craft shows and festivals.  

This is the starting point of twiddletoes according to Twiddletoes' website at:  

How many times have you wished you had socks on when you were wearing flip flops?  I am sure you have had cold feet in the wrong shoes a few times, I know I have!  Trying to force a socked foot into a thong shoe is no great fun, I know.

This is a great idea and the workmanship in twiddletoes socks looks great, and she does use the best materials.  Another great thing is that if you are a traditionalist and want to wear regular socks with your sandals, you can find beautiful handmade socks at this shop as well like perhaps:
 but Ladies and Gents, these are the ones to seriously consider!
I am so tempted, maybe the mosquitoes here in Florida wont bite my toes if I wear these socks!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

HANDMADE ARTIST FORUM Blogging for Haffina for May 8th through 15th LisianBlue Featured Artist for March 28th through April 3rd

Beads By Haffina
Is the topic of my blog on Haffina today, although Jennifer is talented in many arenas, I am a handmade bead lover and collector so I am enjoying looking at all the lovely beads that Jennifer has to offer in her Artfire store.
To quote Jennifer in from one of her profiles:

"Hi, my name is Jennifer.. but mostly I’m know as Haffina. Im a single mum of 5 kids – 4 boys and 1 girl. I make jewellery and beaded items. I do some beaded merchandise for a forum I admin on, which also includes a store which displays and sells my work. I love to create unique pieces and will pretty much try an medium at least once. This blog is about my creative pursuits, achievements, experiments and opportunities."

Now thats what I call having full hands!  I picked some of my favorite beads, I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as me.  Of course Jennifer has her own creations including her handmade beads, but I you are like me and want to part of the creative process, here is a good starting point.
Beads By Haffina on Artfire is the home of her handmade polymer clay beads, pendants and other components.  Have a look:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Featured Artist Handmade Artists Forum May 1 8 Jewelry by NaLa

Jewelry by NaLa
"The creative side of my brain is definitely dominant"

Pastels and Pearly White  at their very best 

My favorite things that NaLa makes are her earrings, of course there is other fine jewelry that you can find in her Etsy store:  http://jewelrybynala.etsy.com

But I would like to highlight her earrings on this blog.  

Each pair are lovely and appealing to anyone who loves adornment of the prettiest kind.

It is well worth a visit to her shop.
Also be on the lookout for NaLa in Etsy's Treasuries, you will no doubt find her beautiful things there!  You can see 
                                                        samples of those gorgeous Treasuries at:http://jewelrybynala.blogspot.com/