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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bracelets are Fun to wear, who loves Bracelets? I love Bracelets

One of the things I love to make is a beaded bracelet.  I love to wear beaded bracelets as well.
My very first one which started my interest in them, was made of Italian millefiori glass beads.  I wore it every day, never and never took it off.  It was my "signature" to me, and I felt naked without it.

After about 4 years, a link broke.  I hadn't yet started making jewelry myself, so the pieces were sadly placed in a little box in my big jewelry box. It was like a funeral of sorts. And so my "signature" was  forgotten for many years.

One of the first things that I taught myself when I decided to start making jewelry was to learn how to make sterling wire loops and voila, I could make my own bracelets!

My tastes in bracelets has run the gamut of millefiori, vintage beads, lampwork beads and gemstone beads and once again, I have gone back to my "signature" of wearing a beaded bracelet.  Now I have many choices.  I also wear every braclelet that I make to sell for at least one day, to be sure that it works, is comfortable, and does all the things I love about a bracelet on the wearer.

You wouldn't think there would be much to making a bracelet but to make a good bracelet certain considerations are needed.  It must be soundly linked, and have a very good clasp.  And it is really good to consider adjustability in sizing to sell them.

Some people like to wear a bracelet high on the wrist, or low on the wrist, or hanging on the hand, which is my choice!  This is something I have incorporated into all my newer ones.  Let alone choosing good colors for skin tone, interesting composition, extra dangles, charms handmade, and so on.  Those last few things are probably particular to me because I like to make one of a kind jewelry.

After all that discussion I think it only fair to share a sampling of my favorites!