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Friday, November 13, 2009

Baublez, pretty things of adornment

I love adornments, I dont wear many, but I make lots and love to see them on others. 

The joy in it is the usage of color, and natural semi-precious stones, and fine silver that I have molded, sanded, worked and reworked, with my own hands. 

The next best thing about making artisan jewelry is seeing my pieces on other folks and having people enjoy my creations.  I often gift my things for charity auctions, and as a gesture of friendship, and this I like best.

Unfortunately, everything costs something, and I have quite an inventory of silver, gemstones, vintage beads, handcrafted lampwork beads, and tribal silver.  So I need to sell a few things every now and then so I can get even more supplies! 

I have a storefront on Etsy:  http;//bananamiranda.etsy.com 

I also having a  viewing and communicating site at www.baublez.themooaany.com

More earrings are coming  for Christmas, and vintage bead angel pendants whose proceeds will go to my local breast cancer patient advocacy fund.

So if you have an interest please do visit, buy or just marvel at some of the oddities

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