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Friday, December 18, 2009

I am going to blog my beads off!

Perhaps I should rephrase that.  The initial thought was that I was going to blog my beads off to see what it gets me.  That is no better.

Alright, what I am trying to do is market and sell some of my gorgeous handmade jewelry since it just ain't sellin.

I understand about the economy, and it is sad, and tough but some beautiful beads and a bizarre piece of silver! O.K.  if selling doesn't do it perhaps I should list the things that are really important to me so the lack of attention my jewelry is getting wont be taken so personally.

here goes the list, mind you this is a rotating and revolving list, and not always the same joy is on top of the circle, or on it's front.

My wonderful husband

My wonderful brothers

My wonderful mother

My beloved pets

My not so lovable pets

Memories of my most beloved pets

My true friends

My memories of good times with those friends

All of my fun-had memories

The times I have succeeded

Not so much the times I have not succeeded

Goodness when I see it and when I feel it

Thankfulness and joy

Creating something in the quiet of my mind

Creating something with my own hands

Making beautiful jewelry

Knowing I have done a good job

Selling some of my beautiful jewelry

I am sure there are lots others, but that is it sitting on my head now.

Thanks for listening if you did!

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