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Sunday, May 16, 2010

twiddletoes: tabi socks and luxury footwear featured Handmade Artists Forum May 15th through 22nd

twiddletoes was created about six years ago after cringing over people shoving their flipflops on over their regular socks. I started off knitting them for the biggest offenders in my life -- my dad and my husband -- but quickly expanded when I realized that there was quite a bit of interest in my tabi. From there, I took my wares to craft shows and festivals.  

This is the starting point of twiddletoes according to Twiddletoes' website at:  

How many times have you wished you had socks on when you were wearing flip flops?  I am sure you have had cold feet in the wrong shoes a few times, I know I have!  Trying to force a socked foot into a thong shoe is no great fun, I know.

This is a great idea and the workmanship in twiddletoes socks looks great, and she does use the best materials.  Another great thing is that if you are a traditionalist and want to wear regular socks with your sandals, you can find beautiful handmade socks at this shop as well like perhaps:
 but Ladies and Gents, these are the ones to seriously consider!
I am so tempted, maybe the mosquitoes here in Florida wont bite my toes if I wear these socks!


  1. Great post, love those socks!

  2. They are very cool, but I'll stick with traditional socks! Just don't get the socks with sandals thing! Great post!

  3. Those Tabi socks are truly unique!

  4. Tabi socks are a great idea! Nice post.

  5. These are great! I love her colors

  6. I'm with Trusk4u on this one! I hate things between my toes and that would just be so annoying. But she also makes traditional toed socks out of the same luxury fibers. Worth checking out!

  7. I want to try her cashmere socks, it sounds so wonderful! Great post!

  8. Those socks look very comfortable.
    Great article!

  9. Can't you just picture slipping into a pair of those luxury socks after a nice hot bath, with a mug of cocoa, then curling up on the couch before a fire to read some long anticipated book... oh there I go day dreaming... Lovely post :D